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."Don't leave me, please! Skylar, Xavier."Skylar jumped into the back and cupped her cheek."It's okay sweetheart.I'll never leave you."The paramedic sighed."Look, I've got to get her back and I can't have everyone in my ambulance.""Oh, come on Tom you know if that was Christy you'd be beside yourself.Let the boys ride.She's stable enough."Tom frowned at the younger male but nodded."Climb in, but I'm in charge.Got it."Xavier didn't waste time getting in."Dr.Weber, I'm sure you and Paul can fit up front with me.It'll be a tight fit."Skylar didn't hear the rest of the conversation as he bent and kissed Aspen."I thought I'd never see you two again." Aspen's eyes filled with tears."Honey, I'm so sorry," Skylar said before moving so Xavier could see her."Hey."Aspen laughed and Xavier wiped her tears."You scared the hell out of me."Aspen's smile faded."I was scared too.He was going to-""Shh, baby, we'll hear about it soon enough."Aspen nodded and closed her eyes."She's going to be just fine.It takes more than that to take down a cougar," Dr.Weber said from the front seat where she sat in Paul's lap."Let's go, Branston," Tom said from beside Xavier."Alright guys give me room to work."Soon Aspen was sleeping and then they were pulling into Pinewood Creek's hospital.Andrew, Miranda, and Caleb stood outside the Emergency room door and Skylar could tell they almost didn't restrain themselves when the door to the ambulance opened."Let me out of here Paul before Caleb makes a scene."Paul laughed and helped his mate from the front cab where she made the interception."You know they're only going to let one back and those two are already going nuts."Caleb laughed."Calm down Teresa, I'll keep this under control."Teresa patted Caleb's shoulder."She's gonna be okay."Skylar was glad Aspen had so many people who cared for her, especially since he'd done such a fucked up job from the start.Xavier grabbed his hand and he followed Aspen's stretcher into the hospital.The brown-haired plump nurse from Aspen's previous ER visit frowned at both of them but didn't say anything while she focused on Tom during his report on Aspen."This is Aspen Clarke who has suffered many lacerations and two deep stab wounds to her thighs.She was conscious on scene and fell asleep en route.She rouses easily to verbal stimuli.She is approximately three and a half months pregnant.BP ninety over fifty-two after a liter bolus of normal saline.Paul started a sixteen gauge IV to her right AC.She was pale and diaphoretic on scene.Bleeding is controlled and knife was left in her left thigh.""Did you give her any medications?""Ondansetron four milligrams.She vomited once on scene when I got there.I would have given her pain meds, Destini, but she refused."Destini frowned but nodded."Thanks, Tom."Tom stopped and held out his hand.Xavier took it then Skylar."Look guys, she's in good hands and you heard Dr.Weber, she's going to be just fine."Skylar stepped closer to the bed."Did y'all get this mating thing worked out?"Skylar stared at the brunette and Xavier laughed."You could say that."Destini placed monitors on Aspen and Skylar held her hand."Baby, why did you refuse the pain medications?"He thought he'd be speaking to himself, but her eyelashes fluttered and she grimaced."I didn't like the way those tranquilizers made me feel."Skylar nodded.Xavier stood at the end of the stretcher."How come there aren’t all kinds of people swarming?"Destini laughed."You watch too much TV, besides this is a small town hospital and there was a pretty gruesome wreck, so everyone's taking care of less stable patients.Besides, I'm the only one down here with a background in OB.Dr.Weber is calling her doc right now.Don't worry guys, she's stable.Stubborn, but stable,” Destini turned her stern gaze to Aspen, “Now, you listen to me sweetheart, it's perfectly fine to refuse treatment, but don't lie here and hurt when there is something we can give you.""But the baby-""Will be just fine, now, would you like me to get you something for pain?"Aspen's face scrunched up and Destini sighed."Now, sweetheart, you're safe now and with your mates." Destini turned to Skylar who growled."None of that, wolf.Now, come up here and console you mate."Chapter 19Aspen's fear was like a boulder sitting on her chest.She couldn't even focus on forgetting the pain that wracked her body for the fear that her baby was harmed.Skylar and Xavier had been oddly quiet, only saying they thought they'd lost her over and over again.She needed answers dammit."None of that, wolf.Console your mate," Destini said to Skylar.Skylar's green eyes captured hers and she felt as though she could breathe again, mix that with Xavier's gentle play with her hair and she could almost relax.Almost."I need to know he's alright.""Who's alright?" Xavier asked."We're both fine, baby.Just relax."Aspen shook her head.They didn't understand.She moved her legs, she was going to get up, but the sharp pain that shot up her leg caused her to cry out."Lay still, Aspen.The knife is still in your leg," Skylar said while restraining her by pressing down on her shoulders."But the baby-""Will be just fine," Xavier said.He meant it to be soothing, but from the worried look in his eyes it was anything but."Oh, for heaven’s sake, Aspen, I'm going to do some fetal heart tones, let you hear your baby's heartbeat.Will that relax you?"Destini stood hands on her hips her eyes kind despite her words.Aspen nodded.Destini smiled and pulled the sheet down to her hips.She frowned at her then left her side only for a moment to hand a gown to Skylar."Put that on her." Skylar nodded and Aspen wanted to laugh at how he followed directions.Xavier caught her eye and he smiled.The cold squirt of jelly made her jump then moan in pain as it wiggled her leg."Why can't we just take the knife out?" The damn thing hurt.Destini placed a piece of small equipment on her abdomen and never lost her concentration."We don't know what it hit, so I'm sure they'll do x-rays or something just to be safe.""It hit bone.That's what it hit."Xavier's face paled and Skylar's jaw clenched.But all her worries melted when Destini smiled and turned the volume up.It was so fast, but she'd heard it before.Beautiful didn't start to cover how she felt as the sound of her baby's heartbeat filled the room."Heartbeat accounted for.Feel a little better?"Aspen nodded.She didn't trust her voice through the tears.She looked to Skylar then Xavier and frowned.Neither seemed to react to the sound of their child's heartbeat-well Skylar's--but she was under the impression they would raise him together.Destini removed the device and her son's heartbeat faded.Destini cleaned her belly, careful of the marks left behind by that bastard.She swallowed but knew it wouldn't do any good."I'm going to be sick."Strong arms held her in a sitting position while another held her hair back as she vomited in the blue bag held out by Destini.Her mind kept rolling over and over how she'd ripped his throat out, the coppery taste of his blood coating her tongue and the sick gurgling sound he made before sliding to the floor lifeless."I killed him," she cried.Xavier and Skylar both began talking at the same time their words meant to be reassuring, but it wasn't helping.The tears flowed harder and each sob sent pain shooting up her leg."Aspen, hon, you need to settle down.We've got to do tests and sew you up."Dr.Weber stood at the foot of the stretcher looking over a chart."Destini, did you give her the pain medication?""She refused."Dr.Weber--or Teresa--funny how she turned into Dr.Weber when in her lab jacket, stared at her with a frown."Aspen, why don't you want the pain medications?"Aspen shook her head."I can't go to sleep again."Understanding dawned in Dr.Weber's eyes and she nodded [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]